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Modular Kitchen

Interior concepts provide optimum solutions that are best suited for all kitchen dimensions at Offer prices that are affordable to all categories of valuable clients.



This wardrobe is composed of series of shelves followed by arrangement of pull-out drawers. With sufficient space available for hanging of clothes, you can store your off-season items and accessories in the topmost shelf. Its measurements are perfect for the new concept of homes


TV Cabinets

This TV unit design is a modern take on entertainment units. Symmetrical and sleek it fits in perfectly with contemporary interiors without taking up too much of space. Book Storage and display space has been smartly woven into the design allowing for regular change of looks with various accessories. 


False Ceilings

The living room in the house is very important. Here we meet with close friends and relatives, here we invite friends, colleagues and other people coming to our house on business. Here we just gather the whole family in front of the TV and spend free time together.When guests walk in, we all do our very best to to wow th


Puja Cupboards

The very practical straight lines in thispooja unit design speaks of a very matter-of-fact attitude. The predesigned shelf helps to keep your conveniently making your home attractive and elegant for that complete look.  


Lighting-Direct & Indirect

Light colored ceilings are always elaborative and beautiful and this image describes it all in one second. Little hints of dark shaded designs are striking and define the limits of the ceiling designs. Adding curves and undefined lines at ceiling is a new thing to look at.  


Wall Paper

wallpaper makeover could be just what your bedroom needs for a simple yet striking transformation and there are numerous different styles when it comes to choosing a look you’ll love.Your bedroom should be a place to unwind and relax after a busy day, or a space to make guests feel welcome when visiting, so selecting the right design is vital in dictating the mood you want to create.  


Crockery Cupboards

Taking minimal space, this crockery unit features small compartments that can be used to place stylish crockery units and few decor elements. The horizontal and vertical closed cabinets can be used to neatly arrange your collection of crockery along with other decor elements that pair best with your crockery collection.


Wall & Texture Painting

Wall textures are in rage because they are an easy way to dress up your walls so that they look good.Textures are special effects for walls. Using special texture paint and toolsUsing a combination of base coat shades and top coat colors and types different looks can be made of the same texture.  

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